Michael is a one-of-a-kind expert at all things crypto, NFTs, web3.  He has helped my organizations strategize in this space, make strategic investments, and develop a vision for our future. He is one of the most broad-minded visionary people I’ve ever known.

Jamen Shively - Founder of Radish.org Former Corporate Strategy Manager at Microsoft
Jamen ShivelyFormer Corporate Strategy Manager at Microsoft

Great person to work for, am looking forward to working with Michael again.

Paul RangelSoftware Engineer

We brought on Michael to create an interactive map for us, effectively the center piece of our new website. He is a pleasure to work with, full of excellent ideas to creatively solve problems that arise. We are extremely happy with our map!!

Marlo McKenzieProducer, Concentric Media

Michael is the utmost in professionalism, timeliness, ingenuity and holoism in every sphere.

Aurora DanaiArtist

I have had the pleasure to consult and work with Michael on several occasions for the Buckminster Fuller Institute. He has an expert understanding of Flash and related technologies, and also brings a wealth of knowledge on sustainability, ecology and earth consciousness.

Joe SkopekCo-Founder / Creative Director, Chromatrope

Michael was an absolute pleasure to work with on all levels. We had an extremely difficult challenge which he attacked with relish. He quickly learned some very arcane mathematics in order to make it happen, and created something that has worked well for years. He made the tools do things they were never designed to do, and do them superbly. I hope to work with him any time I have an out-of-the-box need, and consider him a friend to boot. I would say you can’t go wrong with Michael.

Jahn BallardFounding Director, The Commons

Michael can be depended upon for knowledgeable, efficient and highly creative work with Flash and other advanced Web apps.

Michael GosneyMedia and Event Producer

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Michael on a few projects and have always enjoyed the experience. His professional integrity, combined with a consistently positive and engaging communication style, has always impressed me and made me feel that the projects were in great hands. And he is deeply knowledgeable technically as well as creative as a designer — an excellent combination! I look forward to working with him more and have only praises in recommending him.

Marshall LeffertsConsulting Producer, Buckminster Fuller Institute

Michael Gaio is a ‘world citizen’ and a creative, brilliant and talented designer and developer. We worked together to create a pioneering visual tool for systems thinking and learning. With only a few guidelines and creative suggestions from me, he quickly developed an elegant, complex, and interactive ‘World Systems Map’ that allows students to learn and explore at their own pace about the overall condition of the Earth and its many interacting systems. His demonstration project has inspired others such as the Buckminster Fuller Institute. I give Michael my highest recommendation.

Duane ElginAuthor, speaker, media activist

Michael Gaio created outstanding computer displayed visuals for the three-day leadership workshops I conduct. He was a joy to work with because he understood the complex philosophical concepts that I was presenting, and he was therefore able to create visuals that significantly enhanced my presentations.

Dave EllisPresident, The Brande Foundation