Pioneering the future through philosophy, technology, and art. My work is an integrative process that begins in questions of philosophy, flows through technology, and blossoms in art. I’m here to inform, involve, and inspire people in the living journey of challenge and opportunity during this extraordinary period in human history. I help entrepreneurs realize potential with AI.

Mythic Systems

Mythic Systems is an AI + Metaverse + Humanism education and innovation organization operating at the intersection of autonomy & automation. Mythic Systems helps entrepreneurs leverage AI and emerging technologies to boost productivity, realize potential, and lead a purpose-driven life and business.

Gamma Girls, by Michael Gaio

The Magic of Math in MidJourney Prompts

The Magic of Math in MidJourney Prompts: Parametric Paint StrokesIntroduction Welcome to a captivating realm where mathematics intertwines with art, and MidJourney prompts become canvases for creative expression. In this blog post, I’ll delve into the interesting technique I employ to craft unique and captivating images using a remarkable parametric math formula. Join me to…

Eight Moons

“Eight Moons” is an animated image representative of the 8 commonly recognized lunar phases of the 28 day lunar cycle.  This NFT is one of several in the PolyArchemes series: an exploration in representation of meaningful archetypal symbols with the dimensionality of space and time.